Direct Embroidery

From aprons to zippered hoodies we’ve embroidered almost everything that’s possible to embroider. Orders leave our shop properly trimmed and folded for the best presentation to the client.

Orders are well recorded guaranteeing repeat orders will look exactly the same as the previous ones.

Fire Retardant (F.R.) Embroidery

Fire retardant apparel needs to be embroidered with fire retardant materials and we are 100% compliant. We use FR thread, bobbins and backing so the wearer will be safe from any issues that polyester and cotton products would cause.

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Good digitizing is the key to good embroidery so we use the best digitizer we can find. Submit clean artwork in almost any graphic format and we can have your logo in an embroidery file the next day.

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Appliqués are usually used in place of fill stitches. Not only can they be cost effective, but with dozens of various fabrics available they can offer a unique appearance that would be impossible to achieve with embroidery alone. We can easily determine when appliqués are beneficial to you.

Retro distressed look appliqués are an easy and eye-catching way to fill the front of a shirt with a corporate, team name or a destination.

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Heat Transfers

Most people remember heat transfers as the ones that cracked and peeled after the first washing. They have come a long way since then. Digital transfers can reproduce images that are even more detailed than what screen-printing can achieve. Permanent and flexible; transfers are a great solution to decorating items that are not possible to embroider or have elements in the logo that are difficult to reproduce with embroidery.

Screen-printed transfers are becoming popular to use for team names and numbers. There are also stock templates available so you can easily add corporate names to various business templates. This is great for any business that doesn’t have an existing logo.

There are school and sports templates where names can be inserted into the existing graphics. Shirt designs for family reunions, birthdays and other special occasions can easily be created. All transfer products have no set up charges.

Click here to see examples of our heat transfer work.

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